NanOlogy has transformed systemic chemotherapy into local delivery directly to the site of disease to improve the lives of patients with cancer and other serious illnesses.

nanoparticle production technology platform
Starting with the world’s most prescribed systemic chemotherapies, our patented submicron particle production technology platform uses sonic energy and supercritical fluid carbon dioxide to reduce paclitaxel and docetaxel API crystals by up to 400 times into stable, naked particles with exponentially increased surface area and unique geometry. Our patented submicron particles are suspended prior to use in simple vehicles and locally administered in a concentrated form directly to the site of disease where they have been shown to release drug for weeks at a time.
An extensive clinical trial program is underway for NanoPac® (submicron particle paclitaxel) including clinical trial evaluation of our sterile suspension in ovarian cancer (with orphan drug designation), prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, pancreatic mucinous cysts, and clinical trial evaluation of our SOR007 ointment in cutaneous metastases and actinic keratosis under our affiliate, Soria. In addition, a clinical trial will begin in  late 2018 for NanoDoce® (submicron particle docetaxel) in bladder cancer. Finally, an inhaled version of NanoPac is under preclinical development for lung cancer.
transforming the delivery of proven drugs

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