Aiming to Improve the Treatment of Solid Tumors

NanOlogy is advancing a local precision approach aimed at improving the treatment of solid tumors without adding toxicity and enabled by the PurcisionTM particle engineering technology that forms unique drug microparticles designed for intratumoral delivery.

The patented large surface area microparticles (LSAMs) of pure drug remain at the disease site as a depot continuously releasing drug at high local concentration but with negligible systemic levels and toxicity.

Clinical interest in local precision therapy is increasing due to advances in technology to access and precisely target solid tumors and growing research demonstrating the importance of treating the primary tumor across the disease spectrum.

Clinical results across multiple solid tumors support the therapeutic potential of NanOlogy LSAM investigational drugs in combination with systemic standard of care therapies for both local and metastatic disease based on sustained tumoricidal response, anti-tumor immunomodulation, and minimal systemic toxicity.

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