Patented, stable, uncoated submicron particles are suspended in simple vehicles and delivered directly to the site of disease for sustained drug release.

“Physicians and scientists have known for decades that paclitaxel and docetaxel are effective cancer killing agents, and have long searched for ways to retain high concentration of drug at the treatment site to increase efficacy.  The NanOlogy technology may offer a solution by enabling local delivery of large, sustained amounts of the drug at the site of disease, and reducing systemic exposure and systemic side effects.”

— Maurie Markman, MD, President of Medicine and Science, Cancer Treatment Centers of America®


Our Patented Submicron Particle Production Technology Platform

The key scientific advance in our submicron particle production technology is the patented use of sonic energy and super critical fluid carbon dioxide to reduce unprocessed paclitaxel and docetaxel API crystals by up to 400 times into stable, naked NanoPac® (submicron particle paclitaxel) and NanoDoce® (submicron particle docetaxel) with exponentially increased surface area and unique geometry and designed for local delivery.
transforming proven cancer drugs to better fight

Results in Patented, Stable, Naked Submicron Particles

Unlike nanoparticles, which require coating agents or carriers to maintain stability and prevent the particles from clumping back together, NanoPac and NanoDoce remain stable in powder form and are suspended prior to use in simple vehicles without coating agents or use of carriers.  Designed for local delivery directly to the site of disease, studies have shown that NanoPac and NanoDoce remain at the disease site much longer than their systemic paclitaxel and docetaxel counterparts, which are cleared from the body within only two or three days of each dose.

Allowing Concentrated Local Administration of the Particles to Fight Cancer Longer

NanoPac and NanoDoce are concentrated in suspension and delivered locally to the site of disease in amounts that would be impossible to safely achieve through systemic administration of paclitaxel or docetaxel. Studies have demonstrated that the submicron particles remain at the site of administration, continuously releasing drug for more than four weeks.

Without the Adverse Effects of Systemically Administered Taxanes

Local delivery of NanoPac and NanoDoce results in entrapment of the submicron particles at the disease site continuously releasing drug over time. Because of this sustained release effect, the drugs are cleared from the body more gradually and at much lower levels than systemically delivered paclitaxel and docetaxel.  Studies have also shown NanoPac is partially cleared through the lymphatic system.