Enabled by a proprietary production technology, our patented submicron particles of pure drug are suspended at time of use and delivered directly to the site of disease where they become entrapped continuously releasing drug molecules as they dissolve

Patented Submicron Particles Locally Delivered to Site of Disease
NanoPac® or NanoDoce®
Submicron Particle
  • Each submicron particle of pure drug contains 2-3 billion individual drug molecules
  • Local delivery of large dose
  • Entrapped at the disease site
Active Drug Release
  • Continual release of active drug over several weeks
  • Gradual clearance at subtoxic levels
  • Minimal systemic adverse effects
Cancer Cell Dividing
Taxanes are active against dividing cancer cells
Taxanes stabilize microtubules which inhibits mitosis, causing cancer cell death
Destruction of Dividing Cancer Cells
Prolonged cell death within the tumor microenvironment

  • Creating a large amount of cellular debris
  • Exposing vast amounts of tumor specific antigens

Composition of matter patent protects particle regulatory specifications including size, surface area, density and dissolution.

Particles versus Solution – Intratumoral Administration
Taxane Solution for Injection
Paclitaxel or docetaxel injection are designed for IV administration and quickly diffuse out of the tumor if locally injected.
NanoPac or NanoDoce Suspension
NanoPac or NanoDoce particles are designed for local administration and become entrapped in the tumor allowing for sustained therapeutic drug release
Adapted from preclinical USBT IT report PD-PKX-03-2019 & CritiTech IP report CT-2019-08-B

NanoPac and NanoDoce are at the disease site at therapeutic levels for weeks not hours like their IV comparators and are eliminated gradually at subtonic levels.

Proprietary Production Technology
API Crystals

20-100 Microns

  • Large and bulky
  • Poor drug release due to insufficient surface area
  • API crystals dissolved in solvent and sonicated into small droplets
  • Solvent stripped away from the droplets via supercritical fluid carbon dioxide
  • Submicron particles precipitated into a collection chamber
Submicron Particles

0.8 microns (D50)

  • Suspended particles locally delivered
  • Disproportionate surface area to size ratio
    • Entrapment at the disease site
    • Sustained therapeutic drug release
Disproportionate size to surface area ratio allows for particle entrapment and therapeutic drug release.
Growing Global IP Portfolio
New Chemical Entity-Like Protection
Composition of Matter and Uses Thereof for Treating Tumors
  • US 9,814,685
  • Expires June 2036
  • 14 ROW patents issued or pending
  • Protects proposed regulatory specification including size, surface area, dissolution, density
66 patents issued or pending
14 pending patents
41 patents issued or pending
Therapeutic Combinations
1 pending patent
Orphan Drug Designation
1 granted (ovarian cancer)

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